Obtaining classification decisions of the FCS

The FCS Goods Classification Decision is a document that allows for the declaration of complex equipment or production lines supplied in a disassembled state, in separate components, with one HS code corresponding to the code of the goods in their complete and assembled state.

Specialists of CargoModul LLC are ready to:

  • Make an expert assessment of the feasibility of obtaining a classification decision
  • Work out technical documentation: analyze the work of imported components and their role in the operation of the final equipment; analysis of the drawing (diagram) of the final equipment; comparison with supplied components
  • Prepare a set of necessary documents and accompany the entire process of obtaining a classification decision
  • Arrange delivery
  • Carry out customs clearance

The Key advantages of obtaining the FCS Decision on the Classification of Goods:

  1. eliminates the need to check the classification of goods during customs clearance, which significantly reduces the time for the customs authority to decide on release;
  2. eliminates the risks of disputes with the customs authorities on the classification of goods, and accordingly the risks of changes in the customs clearance process HS codes, and the sum of customs duties;
  3. allows the payment of customs duties at the rates established directly for the imported goods (equipment), rather than using the codes and rates of its parts, in which it is delivered;
  4. customs clearance and installation of the equipment's components (parts) immediately after arrival in the customs control zone. There is no need to wait for the delivery of the entire batch of equipment;
  5. obtaining a single permit for all imported equipment rather than for each piece of equipment

Our clients receive:

  • Favorable prices;
  • Competent advice from highly qualified specialists;
  • Complex problem solving;
  • Efficiency of interactions

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