Foreign Economic Activity Outsourcing

You are engaged in the development of your business: marketing, sales, work with clients. We are your external logistics and foreign trade department.

  • Our experience will significantly save your time and financial costs.
  • You do not need to have a currency account, convert currency and pay a foreign Supplier when importing goods.
  • We assume all financial, tax and currency risks.

There are 2 options of Foreign Economic Activity Outsourcing

  • Full outsourcing of foreign economic activity. We undertake absolutely all import procurement processes: negotiations with a foreign supplier, conclusion of an agreement, payment for goods under a foreign trade contract, customs clearance with payment of customs duties, delivery of goods to the customer's warehouse.

You, in turn, buy goods from a Russian legal entity and receive a full set of purchase and sale documents confirming the legality and good faith of the transaction:
- consignment note;
- invoice;
- copy of goods declaration;
- copy of certificates

  • Partial outsourcing of foreign economic activity. We only undertake part of the import procurement processes, for example, transportation and customs clearance. You do the rest yourself.

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