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The survey is a procedure of checking the technical and weight-dimension characteristics of shipped goods, cargo integrity at all stages of transportation, drawing up/verification of relevant shipping documents in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Federation customs legislation.  

Our specialists can help you expedite the shipping, reduce customs clearance time, and minimize risks and financial losses.

Our pre-shipment survey includes:

- inspection of the cargo before shipment to the consignee (before loading into a container, vehicle, wagon, etc.):

  • examination of the state of the cargo;
  • verification of the marking and quality of the cargo and the packaging;
  • verify that the packaging meets the requirements of the specific transportation method;
  • if necessary, open the packages and take samples to verify the quality of the goods to be shipped;
  • recalculation;
  • check/consider current shipping and shipping documents as required by the sender and consignee, as well as Russian legislation;
  • inspection of the freight container, checking the technical condition of the vehicle;
  • photographing cargo, freight container.

- control of the loading process:

  • control of the correct stowage, placement, and securing of cargo;
  • photographing of the loading process.

The survey enables you to get the documentation for your shipment correct at the initial stage, check the completeness of the delivery, and prepare labeled photos for customs clearance purposes, which then allows you to save time and money.

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