Warehousing services

We are ready to carry out a multifunctional complex of measures for the escort of goods at all stages of transportation

Complex warehouse services from CargoModul LLC include:

  • marking, packaging, repackaging of cargo;
  • material handling;
  • secure storage;
  • weighing and photography services;
  • informing about the movement and status of the cargo;
  • attendance at customs inspection;
  • placement of goods at the temporary storage warehouse, attendance at unloading, checking the integrity of the package;
  • organization of delivery of goods from the warehouse, including partial pick-ups with product identification;
  • preparation of warehouse and transport documentation;
  • organization of delivery to the consignee.

Our clients receive:

  • a comprehensive solution of their tasks;
  • confidence in the safety of the cargo;
  • efficiency of work;
  • flexible favorable rates.

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