Groupage cargo transportation

Organization of groupage cargo transportation is one of the topical areas of activity of CargoModul LLC

Our clients do not waste time looking for delivery methods and paperwork. Our company will form a consignment of goods optimally adapted to the best method of transportation and deliver it to a warehouse convenient for unloading and receiving.

Modes of transport for groupage cargo:

  • Less Than Container Load (LCL)
  • Less Truck Load (LTL)

We offer on a regular basis a prefabricated service in such areas as:

  • Groupage cargo from Europe (warehouse in Vilnius)
  • Groupage cargo from China (warehouse in Manchuria)

We offer a comprehensive service:

  • delivery of cargo to the place of consolidation from any even the most remote region;
  • handling goods: weighing, photographing, packaging and labeling;
  • formation of a batch of groupage cargo for transportation in one direction;
  • development of an optimal route scheme;
  • full documentary support;
  • material handling;
  • cargo insurance;
  • customs clearance in the country of departure and in the country of destination;
  • delivery to customer's door or warehouse;
  • daily information on the movement of goods.

We accept for transportation as a part of consolidated consignments general cargo and cargo requiring special transportation conditions: dangerous, requiring compliance with a certain temperature regime

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Groupage cargo transportation

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