Multimodal transportation

We offer a full range of multimodal transport options. We will select the best delivery option at a competitive price specifically for your cargo at the time of its readiness at the sender, taking into account the specifics of the route thanks to:

  • networks of trusted partners at key transport hubs;
  • experience in organizing delivery by all types of transport;
  • delivery of goods along difficult routes using several types of transport.

We offer:

  • multimodal transportation of heavy and project cargoes with door-to-door delivery;
  • organization of project cargo transportation using all types of transport: ocean transportation, mixed (river-sea), river, road and rail transportation;
  • development of a complete logistics program for the transportation of heavy cargo, both in Russia and abroad, which includes transportation costs, transshipment from one type transport to another, project and construction of special equipment, obtaining all necessary permits;
  • loading and unloading operations using special techniques.

By including air delivery in the multimodal transportation system, we provide an opportunity to optimize delivery times, using the main priority of air transport - speed

We use multimodal sea transportation to deliver goods from countries with an actively developed system of maritime traffic:

  • Southeast Asian countries including China, Korea, Japan, etc .;
  • South and North American countries;
  • Middle Eastern countries
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